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Woofstock 2011 in Islamorada a Huge Success

Posted by Gail Schneider on Wed, Jun29, 2011 @02:24 PM

A great time was had by all at Woofstock 2011. Sabrena Corcoran did a great video which you can watch at the end of this blog. She did a super job capturing the Air Dog Dock Diving competition and the Lure Chasing, as well as filming many of the dogs and their two legged companions.

describe the imageAnyway, it was a huge turnout! There was every kind of dog imaginable. Even Wilbur the pig. They were on foot and in carriers, even some in a red wagon. All of the animals (and people) were well behaved.SALT LIFE SHORTS 0324 resized 600

There was all kinds of delicious food and great entertainment from several bands.

The theme was Peace, Love and Paws so there was all kinds of peace related and tie dyed merchandise. Our peace collars and tie dye koozies were a big hit. This is Angie and Mack. Mack got a new Guy Harvey collar  and leash - bright red and royal blue with sharks. You could see Mack everywhere he went in the festival, he was so handsome!mack and angie resized 600

We featured artist Pat Anderson in our booth. She painted a labrador jumping in the water which is what the dogs in the Keys love to do. We sold a lot of her tee shirts with the Lab on them. A percentage of all of our sales went to Marrvelous Pet Rescue who sponsored the event. I have to congratulate them, especially Michele Beach for such a wonderful, well organized event.

dogs life tank resized 600

For the safety and comfort of the dogs, there were water stations set up everywhere. I would like to mention something for all pet owners to think about. When taking your dog to an event, please be very aware of the possibility of them getting overheated. At Woofstock, all needs are addressed, but at the average event, they are not. I saw dogs at some of the recent Art Festivals who were absolutely miserable. As much as we love to bring our companions everywhere we go, it is not always in the best interest of our pet. I will give you an example of something that happened to me many years ago. I was walking my dog Stanley down by the beach and he kept stopping at the shadows underneath cars. I then realized that the pavement was so hot his paws were burning! Needless to say, I carried him all the way home. So please, check the temperature of the pavement. Also if they are panting and their tongue is swelling, TAKE THEM HOME.

We hope to see you at Woofstock in 2012. Here is Sebrena's video:


PS Check out a great Yelp review of the event!

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